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Minnesota Trapline Hunting and Trapping Supplies

Welcome to Minnesota Trapline Products owned by Tim and Nancy Caven. We’re a complete trapping supply house serving trappers with thousands of supplies for fur harvesting, animal damage control ADC, nuisance animal removal, and wildlife pest control. MTP is the maker of the MB-750, MB-650, Trailblazer drags, MB Crunchproof swivels, Caven’s Baits and Lures, Gusto and Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait, and Just Mice to name a few.

Mn Trapline Products is also the distributor of Bob Young's Fox Hollow’s Magnum Animal Lures, GH-II, Voo-doo, Bounty Hunter, are a top sellers. Click for a more extensive list of predator baits and lures that we offer.

MN Trapline also has tanned furs and works with the Minnesota trappers Association witht he tanned fur project, getting furs out to schools and youth groups promoting trapping education.

For the snareman we offer MBS snares, Thompson snares, Amberg Snares and Cable Restraints for wolf, Coyote, wild hogs, feral hogs, beavers, bobcats, raccoon. Minnesota Brand snare cable along with double ferrules, stops, cable cutters and all snaring equipment can be found at Trapline Products. Each state has it's own legal snaring regulations, with proper legal restraints, please check with your local Department of Natural Resources, (DNR) or click snares for more information.

We carry a large inventory of trap parts, replacement parts, springs, jaws, coil springs, bolts, nuts, washers, pans, dogs, triggers, j-hooks, rivets, covers, pads, shock springs, in-line springs, safety hooks, music wire springs, piano wire springs, Bolt-on triggers, MB Combo triggers, chain, swivels.

MTP inventory includes numerous traps and trapping supplies. Click MB Traps for more.

Please support your state, local, national, provincial, NTA, FTA trapping associations and organizations.

[National Trappers Association] Proud lifetime member of the
National Trappers Association
and the Minnesota Trappers Association.

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